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International partnerships

CPA Associates International (CPAAI), of which Cortés & Pérez Auditores y Asesores Asociados, SL is a part of, is an association of accredited, highly qualified and independent consulting and auditing firms. Founded over 50 years ago and present in over 60 countries, CPAAI gives members the opportunity to learn from those who have a different perspective from their own cultures, markets and business practices.

Membership in this association also allows members to network with other countries, which is helpful in the process of internationalization for our own customers as well as offering equivalent services in other countries while developing new projects.

Our association with CPAAI in no way infers ownership or management of our business, allowing CORTÉS & PÉREZ to maintain their own business practices and cultures that have served us so well since 1980.

The close cooperation between interdisciplinary teams within the C & P network provides specialized services to businesses.

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