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Audit Area

Our audit process not only provides an evaluation of financial information but also enables our professionals to consider in their analysis the different elements of the audited company. These include it’s culture, key direction, business sector and capabilities as well as the risks inherent in each of these elements.

The CORTÉS & PÉREZ audit procedure is designed to focus on key areas of risk, based on the operating characteristics of the company and its behavior. Our partners and professionals are prepared to analyze in detail and objectively all aspects of financial reporting, enabling them to identify the most significant risks.


(Mandatory and voluntary) Audited Financial Statements.

Non-Financial Information Statement.

Accounting reviews.

Due diligence and Valuations of companies.

Investigations into accounting irregularities.

Certifications facts (justification of subsidies and similar events).

Expert witnesses for the legal field (layoffs, divorce, etc.).

Special reports required by the Companies Act Capital.

Review and/or preparation of feasibility plans and investment companies.

Review and evaluation of internal controls and organizational.

Advice in the creation, implementation and improvement of internal audit.

Consolidation of Financial Statements.


Barcelona Offices

Terrassa Offices

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